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The man found dead Hitler describes the last moments of the dictator

The last moments of Adolf Hitler, information about his relationship with his mistress, Eva Braun, and the truth behind the effort to conclude a peace…
with England made by Rudolf Hess, during the Second World War, revealed in the book of the personal bodyguard of the man who αιματοκύλησε the planet.
The Rochus Mísch, he wrote the book “The last witness of the Hitler” reveals unknown -until now – aspects of the life of the man who dragged the entire world in the paranoid of the war.
On April 30, 1945, the Rochus Mísch (who died in 2013 in Berlin, at the age of 96 years old) was in a den of Hitler, when he received a message from the marshal of the third Reich, Wilhelm Keitel.
It said that it failed to break through the “wall” of the Soviet Union in Berlin and how the end of the Second World War was at the same time very near and inevitable.
“A little later, the Mísch heard Hitler speak slowly in a respected member of the Nazi, Martin Borman, and others. She looked up and saw Hitler entering a room, while Eva, now mrs. Hitler, followed him,” says the publisher.
“He saw Otto Γκιούνσε, the adjutant of the Führer, closing the door behind the newlywed couple. The Γκιούνσε said to Mísch that the boss doesn’t want to be bothered. Hitler exchanged a handshake with the Γκιούνσε and said all of the soldiers had επελευθερωθεί by the oath of their faith. Hitler had already told his adjutant that he didn’t want to be abused in public, as he had already done with the body of Mussolini and how he wanted to burn it to the ground. This had been arranged by the Γκιούνσε and a man of the SS. Everyone in the safe house were waiting nervously. Then, there was a commotion. The door to the room opened and the Mísch look inside”, it fills even the publisher.
“My gaze fell first on the Eve. She was sitting with legs outstretched and her head leaning to Hitler. Her shoes were under the sofa. Next to her, the dead man, Hitler. His eyes were open, like they were looking at, his head fell slightly to the front”, he mentions the Mísch.
From the close contact with the leader of the Nazis, the Mísch able to observe a lot of things and thought that Hitler and Eva Braun were lovers long before it become known and official.
“For example, Eve was introduced to the staff and guests as the housekeeper of the house, however the room and that Hitler had secret doors that communicated. Very quickly, everyone had formed their own view of the relationship,” says the bodyguard of the dictator.
The publisher of the book stresses that one night, the Mísch saw Eve with a “gossamer gown” in the guest room, while on his way to deliver some packages to the Führer. Eva put her finger in her mouth, as if he was saying not to say anything.
“The Mísch came out almost running from the room, being sure that it will be removed from the guard of Hitler (or something worse!) but Eve, as it turned out, he didn’t say anything about the incident to the dictator”, says the publisher, who still stresses that the Mísch heard both Eva Braun and Magda Goebbels to declare decisively that will die along with their respected wives”.
The bodyguard even confirms that Rudolf Hess did not have the permission of Hitler to go to England and negotiate the terms of surrender of Germany.
“Hitler was furious, repeating tirelessly to himself: “Why did she do that?” Anyone who knew about the journey of the Ss in England he was arrested and sent to the concentration camp within the region of sachsenhausen,” says the publisher for this… terrifying experience of a bodyguard who was present the moment Hitler found out the particular news from the adjutant of the Ss, Karl-Heinz Pintsch.

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