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The Lafazanis is against the NATO in the Aegean sea…

During the patrols of the NATO in the Aegean, which began with the purpose of the restriction…
of refugee flows, turned today from Corfu, the head of the Popular Unity Panagiotis Lafazanis.
“The presence of NATO in the Aegean is a bomb at the expense of our national interests, our sovereign rights,” said among others in a Press conference the Pan. Thus, after the meeting with operators of Corfu in the Labour Centre, in the framework of his contacts today on the island, as it transmits the Athens News Agency.
Staying in the refugee mr Lafazanis commented with caustic way the actions made on behalf of the government for dealing with it, while the arrows didn’t escape either of the opposition parties.
The head of the Popular Unity, in the framework of his contacts, he met with the prefect of Ionian Islands Theodoros Γαλιατσάτο and the regional Corfu Nicoletta Class, which was updated for the actions of the Region in the field of development and improvement of entrepreneurship in the Ionian Islands, while in the meeting with the mayor of Corfu, Costas Νικολούζο, took note of the serious problems facing the Municipality, mainly in waste management and in water supply.
Late in the afternoon Panagiotis Lafazanis, will speak at an open political event at the Labour Centre of Corfu, where you will present the policy proposal of the people’s Unity. “The answer of radical forces should be the development of social struggles and the elections, in order to become a first important step great recession of μνημονικού blocks and rollover”, explained from Corfu to journalists, the head of the Popular Unity.

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