The incredible story of the first Greek who climbed Everest!

O air whipped his face. Behind him came his friend…
of Augustus and Constantine Niarchos, slowly-I couldn’t anyway – but surely, went up the south side of the mountain. At 6.200 meters of altitude you have to as fit, and you’re to out of breath. The air contains half the oxygen, than that which exists on the surface of the sea and the climber must take deeper and bigger breaths. It wasn’t only that. The Niarchos foundation felt that it and all riders to such heights. Had dizziness, fatigue, anorexia and difficulty to sleep, all symptoms that you’re reminded that this eternal mountain, is not a place for humans. Only the younger son of the Greek tycoon, had a different point of view. He wanted at all costs to pull the top and gazes at the world from the height of 8.848 meters. On May 13, 1999, after days of climbing and stand Niarchos sat happy at the top, and unraveled what he was carrying with him. A small Greek flag, which she unfolded it and held it? his hands when he took the commemorative photo. His presence was kept secret, at his request to the authorities of Nepal. I don’t want in any way to create the slightest noise around the resonant of the last name and start the discussions from the other riders, he’s a filthy rich scion decided to conquer the mount Everest.
Had taken place by participating in the mission time would be ott Expeditions, one of the best companies that specialize in this area, which asked for complete secrecy around the name, like he did with the ministry of Foreign affairs of Nepal. With his close friend, Augusto had made a year before two climbs, the first at the top of Cho Oyu Everest at 8.201 meters and the second at the top of mount Delini, Alaska, in 6.190 meters. But this was perhaps the biggest call of his life and only his family and two friends that he trusted completely, he didn’t want to be known, before he reaches his goal. When he crossed the glacier, Khumbu, an eternal block of ice, and the most difficult part of the southern route to the summit of mount Everest, already knew she would make it.
When he stepped on top of it, he wanted, like all of the climbers who manage to stay there for a long time, only he knew that this could not happen. The polar temperatures, the inhospitable landscape, the air, the lack of oxygen, and the time limit for reimbursement do not allow more than a few minutes, eve. Back down from base to base, eating the simple food of the mountaineers, in scenes that whipped the air at night, wearing special insulated suit. She left the way she came in, quietly greeting all the riders of his mission-that was another twenty people-together with his friend Augusto for London. He was very happy for the achievement of this unpredictable young man, the most intelligent and the most self-destructive of Νιάρχων, which demonstrated eighteen days after the conquest of the tallest peak in the world. On the night of 31 May, the baby of the dynasty Niarchos ate, and breathed inside the apartment on the first floor, in the building with the number 33 Grosvenor Square, a quantity of cocaine sufficient to kill twenty-five people. As they say friends of the climbers a few days later, it was gone now for always in the death zone, having a chance to live just thirty-seven years.