The holidays of Stefanos Kasselakis in a five-star shelter in Arcadia reminiscent of Switzerland

A few days’ rest on the background of the imposing forest of Mount Mainalos, has been made since Sunday (03.03.2024) by his husband, before the president of Syriza is dressed in khaki. SYRIZA President Stefanos Kasselakis just before presenting himself within the month to the Land Army to serve 20 days, visited with Tyler and their beloved dog Farley, a 5-star hotel in Arcadia. From there Stefanos Kasselakis performs his duties as conductor of SYRIZA while enjoying the beauties of the landscape. This is “Manna”, a historic 5-star shelter, in the ancient forest of Mount Mainalos. “In MANNA, we invite you to get lost in the depths of its history, to be left to authentic hospitality and to surrender here where time stops, the body is revived and the mind empties,” says the website. See this post on Instagram. The shelter is hosted in a 1929 iconic building, known as the ‘Sanatorium of Mana’ ‘. A shelter of high aesthetics and services, surrounded by forests, lakes and rivers with crystal waters, offering experiences of absolute well-being, all year round. See this post on Instagram. The tenants of a total of 38 rooms, have the ability to hunt mushrooms in the forest, canoe in the river, mountain biking or horseback riding among the trees.