The Greek Riots and Who is to Blame!

    Congratulations Mr Tsipra (SYN)!! Congratulations Mr. Alavanos (Sy. RI. ZA)!! You managed very well your civil war organisation. Probably your masked army was not only Greek University students and School joung teens pupils but also foreigners with special barbar disposition to distroy the Greek cities. Because I do not think that Greek joung people can hate so much their own cities to make them ashes. Indeed between them were recognised joung teens and foreigners. Do you know what did you managed? 1. To distroy the Greek and Goverment reputation over all the world (this was your aim); 2. Distroy the Democratic sysmbol of Greece internationally; 3. A joung teen Alexis be killed accidentally; 4. 100s families whose shops are distroyed now remain more poor than before in this crisis periods; 5. You intensified the economical crisis in the country seen that European Central Banks because of luck of trust to the goverment they increased the interest rated to govermental credits needed to save our economy. How things are really happen? What is the truth? Here are in short: 1. First the pacific demonstrator of SY. RI. ZA in Omonoia place Athens at the end of the long file of people you could already recognise some masked people following. 2. Some hours later started the riots on the street from masked extreme anarchics and vandalisms simultaneously in various Greek cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Volos, Larisaa, etc. . ). Among them you could recognise (as later made known by the police from arrested extremists) foreigners, some pupils and university students. Later from the 176 people arrested 100 were foreigners with agressive and violations insticts and 76 Greeks. 3. Lot of Albanians and other emmigrants with no job started stealing the distroyed shops following behind the masked anarchists. 4. A child Alexis has been kild; On purpose or accidentally his death was a justice case. SY. RI. ZA profited from this and using flying papers distributed at schools try to engage pupils to go into the streets and demonstrate against the police and goverment with stones and what ever they could find in memorial of Alexis murder as they say (not yet defined if was a murder or an accident). Pupils has no right to take the law in their hands and demonstrate in the streets. 5. Tsipras comes back from Mytilini where there started new riots on the streets during his presence there. 6. Commerciants took the law in their hands to protect their properties from the vandals fighting aagainst them and pushing them far from their properties. So, we have three waves of psople acting these days: The masked anarchic vandals, the unmasked pupils, and the commerciants.   Where have you been Mr. Tsipras all these days during the events? Mr. Tsipras was dissapeared. Because he was first somewere in the Polytechnic school in his head quarter to play the war captain (Alavanos was the war general) and guide strategically his barbar amy to make chaos and distroy the Greek cities. And he just also moved to Mytilini to move the joung people there as 2 days ago just started same anarchic events in Mytilini. And today Mr. Tsipras comes back, when now things are calmed down, to speak in the camera and support SYRIXA against the accuses received from LAOS and KKE that Mr. Alavanos “caresses the ears of the masked anarchic” (means that he supports these movements). In all your speaches you both try to move joung people and now even students (as Mr. Alavanos did at the TV press) agasinst the goverment. And your wish was done. Today 1000s joung pupils of 15 years old stopped their lessons and make invasion in their schools and the Greek police offices. Are you outttt of yourrrrr mindddddd Mr. Alavanos and Tsipras!!!!!!!!! You are both monsters. Dangerous monsters for the Great Greek Democracy. And you chose the good periods! Just after the Vatopedi scandal. To exterminate the Greek goverment, and create conditions for new elections. Certainly not for you. You are too small for that. Certainly to support PASOK for Mr. Papandreou. Is the only partei which did not react against you as did LAOS and Communists KKE. And this barbar distructions and extreme anarchic behaviour is not the first time hapenned. Some years ago same hapenned but still the goverment is in its place. Last year you and PASOK asked your people to fire the whole Greece (Peloponese fires, etc. . ) in order to accuse, as you did, the Govemerment that can not do its job. Now you do the same. World must know that Greek Democrasy is not easy to break. People like you try to distroy your own country for private benefits for your pockets. You must stop it. I accuse you and Greek Press to be so stupid to transmit your wills and war messages to joung people. The death of Alexis Grigooropoulos is not due to a policeman. You are the moral responsible of this. The child was death from a broken trajectroy bullet and was God’s will or was pre-written to die. Came his moment. Pitty for the child. You must be in the place of the accused policeman. And the Press talking against the police, every body was telling his short and his long (Greek expression) accusing the police that they were barbars. Against whom?? Against the barbars?? When the police had a pathetic attitude (just watching) all the time you accused them that they do nothing to save the properties of innocent commerciants. But when they did something (shutting on the air, throughing gas capsules, shuting at the air, etc) you accused them as barbar. Have you the sense of logic?? What must polish then do? Some others said “Police should not be weapenned or not use chemical weapens (gas)”. How then, according to you, they should arrest the barbars?? You expect that they should ask them gently “Please enter in the police truck to be arrested!!”? You created a unsecure situation for the whole Greek people who was watching news. They didn’t know what ‘to consider as correct and what not. Why press is so negative against police? Why they call the vandals and anarchists simply demonstrators (diadilwtes) instead extreme anarchic vandals? They accuse continuesly barbar behaviour of the police against the demonstrators who are burning shops, throw molotof bombs and stones against them, breaking banks, distroying everything they can and have in front of them. Are you out of your mind Greek Press and TV? And what hapenned when a police guardian was fired entirely from a bomb molotof in Athens and another wounded from a stone thrown by a teen? Nothing hapenned. Police didn’t react violently as pupils and student stupidly did. (Kounia pou sas kounagie esas kai tis rimades ideologies). You know why press behave as that? To make more readers of their press or have more audity of their TV programs. Some of them even support vanddalism as they telephonically interviewed in their TV program (yellow Press) Mr. Ksiros (a dangerous extremist who is actually in gail for several accuses) and also telephonically invited in interview a vandalist and caresse him with sympathy. Are you out of your mind Yellow Press? What money does. No morality. They need everything to make more vewbility of their program even if they confuse and make angry the Greek people with these their actions. They exagerated in everything.   All demonstrations now against police offices in all abroad countries are due to your stupidities said in your transmitions. That’s why International Press gave so negative reports about Greece,the Greek events and the Greek Democracy. They say what you put in their mouths. Congratulations Greek Press!!! You have inconsciently contributed in succeeding the goals of these two gentlemen “the monsters generals of the anarchic autonoms” in our country. This must be done known to all International Press. Is not the uncapability of the Greek Goverment and of the Police to stop the anarchy. It was too much sudden and unexpected for everybody. Press managed to stop the police in doing their job (feared to be accused as barbars against the anarchists). Now all Political Parties ask the Goverment to go. Yes this was their goal. Karamanlis and N. D must not go. Only the dangerous elements of our anti-politics must go and even dissapear from the political scene. Scandal about Vatopedi does not exist in this sense. It was a theme which is going to be closed and it started during the PASOK govermental period. PASOK are the initiators. Siemens scandal is also started during PASOK goverment and discovered during Karamanlis N. D goverment. Some from goverment were accused but they are innocent in the Vatopedi “question”. They only accepted to sign an exhange between gound and a lake for the eremites of Athos manastry as they convinced the ministers that they need the ground to build buldings to help and give spiritual support to Greek people. I do not accuse the ministers for that (see my blog about this subject http://www. gooblogg. com/index. php/2008/11/28/holy-mountain-at-athos-monastery-vatopedi-scandal-in-greece/). Mr. Karamanlis didn’t sale the Greek Telecom to Germans (who simply invested money under secure for Greece conditions) or didn’t sale the Pereus port to China (who is ony rended with a good year income for the Greek people), or didn’t sale Olympic Airways to foreigners as Olymic was a negative business and money loss for the goverment and needed external support as many other European Air companies (Air France, Italian Airway company etc. . ). CONSEQUENTLY, all these so called by the anti-politics scandals in detriment of Mr. Karamanlis and his goverment ARE NOT SCANDALS. These are accuses of the un-moral politics who instead to collaborate positively with the giovernent to bring the country out of the economical crisis they create instead conditions in detriment of the welbeing of the Greek people in order to satisfy their political goals and their personal benefits. BBC wrote that Greece has a easy-broken democracy. What about the UK police who killed an innocent Brasilian men during the anti-terror attacks? What about the scandal of strictly confidential data which has been difused out last year? And what about the political crisis in Italy and Mafia? What about the terror Basques in Spain killing inncovet people? What about the French vandalstic demonstrations of joung people last year? Are those stable democracies? We can not speak therefore for an easy-broken Greek Democracy. The morality is that so long goverments in Europe accept to have emmigrants in their countries without being able to offer them job and food, Europe will affront always this kind of riots and aggressions in the local national societies. A strong measure against this emmigrants invasion must be taken before is for Europe too late. This report is destinate to the International Press and TV stations to know the truth. <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:pageTracker. _trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);” href=”http://www. gooblogg. com/” target=”0″>See more relative reports at my blog </a>

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