The government Maxim, taxes, and simple analog – Statement by Manolis Glezos

    Since John Πασαλίδης as Chairman of the ECN…
    proclaimed the pure and simple analog, as the only genuine representative of the will of the People electoral system, to date, all the parties of the Left had as the primary request.
    “Qua έά with καθεύδειν the power gone about,”
    The sovereignty of the People, which has been mentioned in the Constitution (article 1 (2) and which had been torn up, all as now the governments, strangled, and again, and in fact by a party, which was frontispiece in the declarations.
    The government Process after you have accepted all the cuts imposed by the lenders, accepts and cuts of genuine representation of the Popular will.
    Manolis Γλέζος
    Athens 17/5/2016