The gap of the profiterol, the internal party stab wounds continue in Syriza, the future of M. Spyraki, Telis Mystakidis buys ABBank, the scenarios for a female president in BSE and the author of EDASAAM

The profitterol gap! The debate in Parliament on the bill on non-state AEIs showed in the most revealing way the gap between government and opposition. Special case is PASOK. Nikos Androulakis had to impose party discipline on K.O. for voting against the bill that Nadia Giannakopoulos and Odysseas Constantinopoulos find difficult to understand as they see the ass of PASOK. Education Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis left spikes for cubistisms. “You first spoke about the Finnish model, but it allows only 30% of students to enter universities, and then you spoke about the Nordic model, “where we take pieces from every Nordic country.” This reminded me of George Constantine “when ordering the Prophet” he stressed. Syriza is also oriented to “no” while his president has studied at universities abroad non-state. There are two worlds, of Mitsotakis and of others. Everyone will be judged in the polls. Green Syriza The strategy of “no” in all PASOK that provokes criticism that it is trying to become a green Syriza, does not bear fruit, however. It makes it difficult to penetrate the centre where the election is won. SYRIZA also seems to have stopped leaking. In the last Pulse poll on Skye, both parties are in second place. Nerves are in Harilau Trikoupi. If polls come showing PASOK again in third place the moaning will grow. Nikos Androulakis will find it difficult to keep cohesion in K.O. and then the real instruments will begin. European election night is a milestone for everyone. Low Tones for Church The government avoids pouring oil into the fire after the Permanent Holy Synod decided to celebrate in a closed circle, without formality, in Petraki Monastery, the Sunday of Orthodoxy, on 24 March. This choice of the Church is essentially a “punishment” to the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou who is used to be the honored person but also to politicians who voted in favour of the law on the marriage and childbirth of same-sex couples. Government sources stated in the column that it is the Holy Synod’s right to decide how Orthodox Sunday will be celebrated and refused to comment on punishment. Different roles The positions of the Church are respected but the government legislates, the sources stressed. Nor did the President of the Republic who was “blocked” from celebrating the Sunday of Orthodoxy. He invited to a meal the prelates of the Church’s leadership, as usual for this particular day. He stated that they are always welcome to the presidential palace but their decision will be respected if they do not respond. That’s what happened. It was a negative answer. Easter and European elections Two MPs, Alekos Avlonitis of Syriza and Dimitris Biagis of PASOK were denounced by the Church of Corfu’s Holy Synod for “heavy spiritual and moral slip” and about described them as undesirable because they passed the law on same-sex couples. The government is monitoring these extreme reactions. He currently considers them individual. Easter is coming. He would not want to have a new cycle of confrontations with the Church with the “exclusion” of politicians from religious events (Heptaphios, Resurrection etc.) . And of course the European elections come. The law on same-sex couples had political costs for the NW. It was also seen in the polls. Eventually, the matter was not forgotten, as many believed. It will only pass to a second degree if there are results from the battle against accuracy. Inter-party knives Stefanos Kaselakis may have launched meddlings against Justice about the prosecutorial intervention regarding whether he violated the incompatibility for MPs, MEPs and political leaders to have shares in foreign companies, but the debate that has grown inside SYRIZA is the internal party stabbings. Some see if not a Chipra finger, but the old Tsipras system pulling the carpet under the feet of the new president. Because the issue of the company was not revealed by Justice or the ND, or PASOK. It was an internal leak. Of course the cracks were left by Kasselakis. But if the counterattack “nothing will stay standing” he commented a colleague of the president of SYRIZA who did not have the best relations with Tsipras. Transfers shares Stefanos Kasselakis is now doing what he should have done from the first moment he was elected president of SYRIZA. He’s transferring his shares. Interested buyer hasn’t shown up so far. The law also excludes Tyler Macbeth’s husband. The solution to transfers is most likely to be sought in his family environment. It’s not easy because the money is enough. And there are also court cases in the United States. Kasselakis claims significant amounts from his former associates. But the law is law and no one is above it. Shipowner George Vernikos in 2012 remained minister for a month because he had an offshore company. He will pay Stefanos Kasselakis is alleged willing to pay the fine imposed upon him if he is found guilty. Unless he appeals to the European courts to annul the Tsipras Act because many consider it contrary to Union law and the free movement of capital. Will he get the nomination? Kyriakos Mitsotakis is referred by his colleagues as to the possibility that MEPs Maria Spyraki will be nominated again after filing the case concerning her partner. Since the performance measurement carried out by the EUMatrix website for Influence Index 2024 was among the five most influential Greek MEPs. The others were Dimitris Papadimoulis, Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou, Elena Koudura and Stelios Kymbouropoulos. Last Friday, Maria Spyraki invited her political friends to the Monasty Hotel in Thessaloniki to a relaxed meeting for a friendly discussion “about Europe, our country and our city” to thank them for their support. Around 400 people gathered. Several spoke of starting her campaign. In any case, the Prime Minister has the last word. ABBank: G. Coustas is leaving, T. Mystakidis is coming! The matter of weeks is the completion of the deal for the acquisition of Aegean Baltic Bank by Crusoe Telis Mystakidis. Mystakidis has been trying for a year to get along with the three ABBank shareholders, the family Aphthonidis and the shipowners Giannis Kusta and Nikos Tsakos. Eventually he will acquire the majority package by buying the total percentage of G. Kusta and part of the percentage of the family Theodoros Athonidis. Nikos Tsakos, who at first was on the sales side, eventually changed his mind and will remain at the bank. The question is whether he will follow Endis Mystakidis who is determined to proceed immediately after the agreement is concluded to increase capital to strengthen the bank. Negotiations had been frozen in recent years but in the end the Greek billionaire’s desire to acquire a vehicle for further investment in Greece prevailed. From energy 42% of the agreements of 2023 42% of the 5.9 billion euros reached last year by the acquisition or merger agreements in Greece come from the energy sector, mainly due to the large acquisition made by PPC in Romania by acquiring Enel Romania. According to PwC of Greece, the IT and telecommunications sector follows with total agreements of around 600m euros. This is a sector in which mobility continues as indicated by Entersoft’s recent deal. In third place is the food sector with a total value of half a billion euros in 2023. It is a branch in which they focus either the funds that have made veteran bankers such as Nikos Karamuzis and Apostolos Tamvacakis, or veteran industrialists such as Spyros Theodoropoulos. Will BSE have a female president? Today’s Secretary General of BSE Julia Chetis seeks to become the first female president of the Business and Industry Association. What do the BSE elders think that there will always be a single candidate in the presidential election? What attitude will present-day President Dimitris Papalexopoulos who will probably not claim a third term? Does the oldest member of the board of directors Spyros Theodoropoulos wish the presidency? By May we will know. Mrs. Chetty, however, does not hide her intentions. Today he is CEO of the Tsetis Pharmaceutical Business Group (OFET) which controls UniPharma, UniHerbo and InterMed industries as well as Cyprus PharmaBelle. It represents one of the most dynamic branches of the Greek economy, with very large investments in recent years and leading export performance. The author and deputy president of EDASAAM The Deputy Chairman of the National Aviation and Rail Accident Investigation Agency (EDASAAM) Christos Papadimitriou in addition to a lawyer is a novel writer and poet. In fact, one of his last works was predicted by Dora Bakoyannis! On the occasion of the Tempes case, which has been undertaken to investigate the recently introduced Organization, some who do not like the deputy president so much recall that he had previously written the novel “Crime Without Punishment”! The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has made it clear that EDASAAM will proceed with the investigation of the accident in Tempes as defined by Community and national legislation. Why does the government not legalize the appointment of Terezakis to OSE? Is Mr. Panayiotis Terezakis legally appointed as head of the OSE? How long will he stay transitional? And if there is finally another accident on the Greek railway, such as what almost happened a few weeks ago, what about the non-legal head of the OSE who is currently signing millions’ contracts and responsible for the operation and maintenance of the network? We said the railroad is in intensive care, but his tragic condition cannot be an alibi for everything!