The FLASH 125 LZ duck more accessible than ever

The FLASH 125 LZ duck, of the American two-wheeled home UM Motorcycles, gives a fresh impetus to urban transportation, with its design and usability, is also driven with a car license and is now offered at a new, lower price, which makes its acquisition more tempting than ever. The FLASH of UM® is the modern response to travel within the city. Light and flexible and robust for each type of route, FLASS 125 LZ stands out with its dynamic lines. The UM duck is fitted with large 17’’’ wheels, with LED lights peripherally, that contribute to the safety of movements, and it is equipped with a grill back and also with an object rack on its ‘leg’. At the same time, the large non-slip saddle offers medium support for the rider, while underneath it hides storage space. The handfuls on the steering wheel, the large digital instrument panel, including a crank and battery charge indicator, the USB port and the central magnetic multi-stop switch, which makes it difficult to breach the two-cycle, complete its equipment. UM FLASH is supplied with a modern, 4-year-old engine, with electronic spraying, 125 cc and a performance of 8.6 horsepower (PS) and 8.8 Nm torque, combined with a 4 relationship mechanical transmission. With a 4-litre tank and only 1.7 t/100 km of average consumption, the American UM duck has autonomy that reaches 240 km with a filling. Now the UM FLASH 125 LZ is offered at the lowest price ever, with just €1,895. Framed with a 2 year factory guarantee, UM FLASH has all the advantages of ducking, with the usability and high aesthetics of a modern bicycle, while now is the best time to become yours! Meet more about UM Motorcycles and see its models in: