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(Title) By depositing the former Minister of Transport and Communications Christos Verelis, continues tomorrow, the work of the Selection Committee of Parliament, to investigate the case of Siemens. The committee work prior to interrupt their summer vacations, will be completed Thursday by considering also a former Minister of Transport and Communications Michalis Liapis.
Today, the Employment agreement for the Ministry of Culture for “Supply and Development of Portable Systems visitor information at selected museums and archaeological sites (“digital tour guides), launched in June 2003 on ministries Evangelos Venizelos and the lowest bidder was awarded the Hewlett-Packard (HP) with a runner on Siemens.

In George Voulgarakis ministry in 2006, when HP asked to sign a contract, he refused citing the fact that after 36 months have changed the data and not the disadvantage that you offer. Then asked the second lowest Siemens, which started work with a commitment to hand over in April 2008. Not so, however, and in October 2008 by decision of the Board of the Organization Promotion of Greek Culture (HCO), the contract was terminated by the fault of the German company, the bonds defaulted advance (3,8 million) and performance ( 955.000 million) and brought an action for damages the amount of 16,3 million euros.
On the issue discussed today by the former chairmen and CEOs of HCO, Stamatis and Michael Siopsi Black, chairman of the panel contractor, university professor Dimitris Patras Liberopoulos, and former Secretary General of Ministry of Culture, Christos Zachopoulos.

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