The first major exit for Greek Rafale: 4 ‘throws’ start engines to exercise ‘VOLFA 2024’

The great multinational “VOLFA 2024”, organized by Armee D’el Air, will participate in the “winds” and this is their first major exit outside FIR Athens. The Air Staff chose the first out of Greece exercise in which the newly acquired Rafale would participate to be in France and now the time has come for the Greek Rafale to open their “feathers”. A total of four fighters, single-seat and two-seat are expected to take off from the Rafale’s “roof” in 114 Battle Wing in Tanagra and fly without intermediate stop until the familiar Mont De Marsan and 118 Air Base in southwestern France. At the same time transport C-130 will carry the remaining crews and ground technicians, who will be responsible for supporting aircraft along with their French colleagues. For two and a half weeks, from 11 to 28 March, airspace over France and hundreds of miles over the Atlantic will be converted into an endless field of exercises. In addition to Armee D’el Air and our Air Force, the largest air event organized by the French will involve the strongest Western air forces with dozens of fighters of various types, flying radars, flying tankers and helicopters. “VOLFA 24” also takes part in the entire French air defense with all modern anti-aircraft weapons systems. The major multinational exercise will be the first major test for Greek Rafale, as they have only been completed two years since the first six fighters were acquired and six more are expected by the end of 2024, in order to reach a total of 24. Already, the 332 War Squadron has taken part in the multinational exercise “ENIochOS 23”, where it left excellent impressions, while participating in a series of co-educational warplanes within FIR Athens. While already in the first friendly “fights” with the upgraded F-16 Viper, but also with the remaining HAF fighters, they have shown much of their potential. Participation in the “VOLFA 24” exercise is the biggest challenge so far, as Greek “old men” will be invited to take part in a series of complex scenarios of high difficulty next to and against top air carriers. Missions, including all types of air operations, involving a large number of fighters in a multi-threatening environment. The design scenarios will concern, inter alia: Defensive Attack Operations (Defensive/Offensive Counter Air). Close Air Support. Air Prevention. Dynamic Targeting. Combat Search and Rescue. Targeting Time Sensitive Targeting. The Air Force previously participated in “VOLFA 2020” with Mirage 2000-5 fighters and “VOLFA 2022” with F-16. By Kostas Sarika/onalert

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