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    (Title) Ukrainian students start from their homeland to work a few months in hotels in Crete, with wages of 16, paying private insurance! Although the company believes that the employee does not behave in accordance with the “rules” of the dismissal, without any problem. This is not a business ‘trick’, but ‘legal’ employment with the label of “training”! All are standard, the TEI of Serres has signed contracts with Ukrainian universities provide certificates of training for Ukrainian students and their ‘offer’ to megaloxenodochous Crete! In short, a TEI has become standard business intermediary.

    The wild exploitation under the guise of training is not unprecedented event. The practice has been for years, is a source of cheap labor for businesses and public institutions are converted into traveling salesman students. A typical example of the oldest Department of Pollution Control Technologies, TEI of Western Macedonia and the Liaison Office of the Foundation advertised “student placements. “Dress rehearsal” before joining the production, and cheap solution for business’! This “cheap solution” are the thousands of students and students who are compelled to practice for 160 and 80 euros per month while working in order to survive.

    All of the above for the government and the EU should be generalized nationwide, and Europe. The “action” of the TEI of Serres is exemplary, according to the EU’s policy on so-called mobility training. The text of the EU’s strategy of ‘Europe 2020’ to feature entitled “Youth in action”, stated clearly that we must build a pan-European haven for businesses with tools to students and students who do internships. The “need” to promote “mobility” in education is one from the main objectives of which is repeated in recent years, the Education Ministers of the EU and of course the Ministry of Education in our country.

    students, but first of all, the working class can not be left with crossed arms, looking, simply, the government creates a nightmarish future. The “mobility” for practical training in enterprises in the country and abroad, are nothing more than a lobby for the “flexibility” to work. The “Green Paper” EU mobility is clearly defined: “Europeans are moving as students are more likely to move workers and later in life. Want, early on, students learn, and students need to beg across Europe practice, to sign contracts hunger, so tomorrow seems “reasonable” job search, with the worst conditions in any city or country find work.

    The “logical” for the capital and its political mouthpieces is “absurd” for workers. They are looking for ways to sharpen the full exploitation of labor, like, literally, modern slaves and trying to convince us that the job is an opportunity. The work, however, is right and employees are those who produce wealth. Nothing gives them richer than those from their lives. The job no rights or baptized ‘learning’ or ‘practice’ is slavery.


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