The digitization of the Public Benefit Property Register goes on – What changes for fellows

A step forward towards further digitization of the procedures of the Public Benefit Property and Commenting Heritages is his decision with the signature of Kostas Hatzidakis, which is promoted for publication in FEK. The register records the various donations and bequests to public bodies and organisations. The exploitation of the assets in question results in revenue from which students or financially weak benefit. This Decision of the SUBIC sets out the details for the compliance of the Registers of Public Benefits and Commentary Heritages, as well as for the provision of relevant digital services, in the framework of relevant directives on the digitisation of the governance and functions of the State. Thus, it is determined that the Head of the Public Assets Division of the Ministry issues by the OPS PSYDI. WP. Hey. Mr. Digitally now the assurances on the amounts paid in the previous year to the supporters and the financially weak from the revenue of these public benefit assets. At the same time, the attestations are communicated to the e-mail address of the beneficiaries while receiving from the OPS. DI. WP. Hey. K. unique number per year, bear an electronic imprint of the signature of the Head of Service and are valid for tax use. The following digital services shall provide information to beneficiaries on the following: ‘Loss-sponsoring elements’ means appointing them as partners or financially weak persons; ‘Loss payment’ means for the financial warrants issued in their name, ‘Receipts of a legacy scholarship’: for the annual scholarship or financial aid certificates paid to them and ‘My notifications’: for the messages received in their e-mail and relating to the payments made in their name and the annual scholarship or financial aid certificates. Please note that these digital services are now provided through the Single Digital Portal of Public Administration (gov. gr-EPPP) from the e-mail address: https://www. and beneficiaries enter them with the codes – credentials granted to them by the General Secretariat of Information Systems and Digital Governance of the Ministry of Digital Governance (personal Taxisnet codes).’