The difficulties for all signs from Mercury’s retrograde course to the “Stars System”

Venus’ influence by Aries, as well as the difficulties that we can face with Mercury’s retrograde course in the same, will be analysed by Asi Belios in the “Stars System” today Saturday 30 March at 13:10. Venus, the planet of love and money, from the sign of Aries fills us with courage and strength to pursue our goals and find joy in our lives. However, Mercury, who turns to seemingly retrograde course in the same sign, can tease us a little bit more in our relationships and business, bring delays and obstacles to our plans, create misunderstandings with partners, customers, etc. Of course he’s a helper to go back to the past and correct our mistakes. Who will have favors and developments at personal level and who will have unexpected in their business? Who will feel that they are always missing something and who will have returns from their love past? Who will have opportunities in finance and who should not make hasty decisions? These and many more in the “Stars System”, today Saturday 30 March at 13:10!

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