The caravan (corruption) is moving and the dogs (the government) just barking…

Writes the ΜαγιαΗ big battle “with the oligarchy and neoliberalism” is still in front of us, the prime minister Alexis Tsipras… opening the two-day work of the Central Committee of SYRIZA. Without, however, to clarify if it is for the near or distant future.
However, a few hours earlier, Euclid Τσακαλώτος, in an interview with the Guardian newspaper, had attempted to entertain the impressions, stating that, “we don’t have the time to go after the rich and to create a sense of justice,” And he’s absolutely right. How to tax the wealth
when checked, every time 2% of the offshore companies?
As ομολογήθηκε in the last few days, from the most competent lips, inside the 2015 audited 63 of 12,000 offshore operating in Greece. This means, that with the existing data, to verify the ministry of Finance, the announcements on the full control, the government of SYRIZA-ANEL to stay in power for about … 20 years!
It was only offshore, small (so to speak) the bad. The same dispiriting are the results of the checks on lists of type Lagarde, smuggling, entanglement, etc.
The monster of corruption is πολυπλόκαμο. Not treated with the methods and “tools” of the vicious and χρεοκοπημένου system. Even with leftist cute and communicative παμφόλυγες.
He wants Virtue and Courage to be cleared the filth of the investigating magistrate. And, apparently, coherent plan.
I had already had in place the appropriate legal framework and have created the appropriate mechanism, a flexible and well legally supplied (gross) body or something. Something like those who performed the famous “operation Clean Hands” in Italy, under the guidance of the αδιάφθορου judge A. Di Pietro (until he came Berlusconi and make sure the “choke”).
The aim is not to find out the names of the κλεπτοκρατών, but that the εσμός of …honorable thieves in white collars, who continues to drink a toast to the fools, will return the stolen!
Money there is too a lot, as they have admitted in judgments of honesty and the lenders-oppressors! Enough to get bar on the εξανδραποδισμό of the Greek society. But to stop the scheming systemic game on “equivalents”…
PS. I’m afraid the person responsible for the fight against corruption, deputy minister of Justice (the former attorney general and former commander of the NSA on the Karamanlis government) D. Παπαγγελόπουλος, not λιβανίζει when he says that, the President of the Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, the prime minister Alexis Tsipras and former prime minister Kostas Karamanlis is three persons “is a guarantee for the good functioning of democracy in times of crisis and for the security of the country”, featuring Alexis Tsipras as a “national leader” of the Left!
Unfortunately, justifies the present and without prejudice to the future…