The beach – next episodes: Nikolina agrees to talk to psychiatrist

Shocking developments in the ERT1 series “. ” Helen’s relationship with Loizo goes into a new phase, as they have accepted each other’s life. The beach: Tuesday, April 2, 2024, at 22:45 Episode 118 : Dionysis, who had recovered the stolen ancients, comes in contact with Amalia and route their subsequent movements. At the same time, Helen’s relationship with Loizo passes into a new phase, as they have accepted each other’s life. Nikolina accepts, at the urging of Dionysis and Gradus, to speak to the psychiatrist and both women clash head-on. The beach: Wednesday, April 3, 2024, at 22:45 Episode 119 : Pete conducts an investigation himself, alongside Carahalio, searching for what really happened the night of the murder of Renio. Mary leaves Matalas and returns to Chania, while Dionysis suggests that Shefis review their cooperation by ignoring Demetrios’ conviction. At the hippie convention, Mary speaks consensually and everyone seems to be convinced, except Martin, who insists on drawing his own course. Karahalios finds clues to the archeocapiria circuit, while Kerasia, without realizing it, suggests that Tess give her the child Tess is pregnant with. The beach: Thursday, April 4, 2024, at 22:45 Episode 120 : Loizo’s collaboration with Martin deepens, aiming to break down the hippie community, while at the same time Karahalios attempts to corner Dionysia for the incidents of archaeocapilia, which has evidence that they occur in Matala. Later, Dionysis attempts to find evidence from Karahalios’ past, wanting to escape the cordon that tightens around him. At the same time, Gradus’ visit to the mental hospital where Demetrios is hospitalized activates Violeta’s memory to the latter. Marcos is informed by Kerasia that she suggested that she take the child Tess is carrying. After an anonymous complaint, Officer Arvanitakis arrives at a meeting of hippies, in which Martin has left counter-regulatory notices. They play: Danai Michalakis (Hpatia Archontaki), Dimitris Mothonaios (Harry Pierce), Alexander Logothetis (Dionisi Archontakis), Giulika Skafida (Antigone Archontakis), Nikolas Papayannis (Grantos Mauritakis), Demosthenis Papadopoulos (Loisos Androulidakis), Gogo Kartsana (Maria Zafiraki), Dimitris Xanthopoulos (Sifis Geronmakis), Dimitris Kitsos (Paul Archontakis), Eleana Stravodimou (Natali Paskal), Alexander Perros (Mark Benson), Maria Bagana (Nona Zinovakis), Alexandros Moukanos (Papa-Nikolas Mauritakis), Nikos Karagiorgis (Pantelis Arvanitakis), Efstathias (Karagias Mauritakis), Giannis (Tavikis Giannis), Ioannis (Tavikis), Giorgos Savmidis), Alexandros Savakis (Lakakis), Savakis (Lavis) Alex Sid (Brian Taylor), Takis Sakellariou (Kostas Zafirakis), Katerina Lipiridou (Elenis Androulidakis), Noni Ioannidou (Anna Tsambourakis), George Giannopoulos (Manolis Papagiannakis), Prometheus Neratini (Ilias Papadomichelakis), Veroniki Kyriakopoulou (Veronica Thompson) In the role of Pete Ferguson Kostas Nikouli In the role of Giorgos Pavlopoulos Giannis Koukourakis In the role of Nikitas Tsambourakis Giorgos Michalakis In the role of Andreas Karahaliou, Makis Papadimitriou In the role of Nikolina Archontakis Betty Livanos and in the role of Dimitrios Archontakis Giorgos Ninios Scenarios: George Chrysovitsanos, Kostas Gerabinis Directed by Stefanos Blatsos Director: Evi Vardakis, Christos Zachrakis Photo address: Andreas Goulos, Angelos Papadopoulos Sceneography: Sophia Zuberi Entrematology: Ninetta Zacharopoulou Makiyaz: Lia Protopappa, Elli Kriara Hecholes: Panagiotis Psemmenos, Andreas Govas Montaz: Christos Markakis Musicians-stichs: Alex Sid, Dimitris Nasios (Quasamo) Music edited by Asimakis Kontogiannis Casting: Hero of French Project manager: Orestes Plakias Production organization: Spyros Savvas, Dimitris Apostolidis Producer: Stelios Kotionis Executive producer: Vassilis Chrysantopoulos Production: ERT Based on an original idea by Penelope Kourtzis and Avgis Vagia.