“The Archbishop met with Father Anthony at the latter’s request” the Archdiocese announced

An announcement giving clarifications about his meeting with him, published by the Archdiocese today Wednesday (3.4.24). “The Makiritos accepted P. Anthony just as he accepts every person who is requested to hear, and much more so when it comes to clergy and indeed of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens,” the Archdiocese first states in its announcement. “His Grace stressed to P. Anthony to have faith in God and trust in independent Justice. Anything else is written or said and anything claims or allegedly claims by Mr Antony is far from reality and truth,” is noted in the announcement. In which it is noted that “the Most High Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Jerome received the Reverend at a hearing last week Elder P. Antonio Papanikolaou at the request of the latter”. The Archbishopric’s announcement came after meeting with Father Antonio.