The Aegean makes about 4,000 barrels of oil a day!

    At levels in excess of 4,000 barrels a day is now…
    the production from the fields in the Prinos and North Prinos in the Gulf of Kavala. This is happening now after the successful completion of the rig PA-40 as well as the speeches which proceeded the γεωτρητική group of Energean Oil & Gas in existing wells, according to an announcement.
    The only oil production in Greece is now more than double compared with the pre-launch of the investment programme levels. In addition, it has launched the new borehole PA-36, also from the podium Alpha of Prinos, which is the third of a total of fifteen planned for the period 2015-2017 in Prinos, in the vein of Epsilon and to the North Prinos.
    Commenting on the development, the chairman and ceo of Energean Oil & Gas, mr. Mathios Rigas said: “Despite the adverse conditions created by the great fall in the international prices of oil during the last two years, the Energean, the only Greek company with experience in the oil and gas production, continues its investments in both production and in hydrocarbon exploration. The successful outcome of the first two drilling in the Prinos and the increase in the production of confirm the correctness of the operational planning and show the way for the continuation of the programme, in an area where the increasing tourist activity and the exquisite beauty of the natural environment co-exist in complete harmony with the oil industry, with the guarantee of our know-how and the experience and dedication of the 400 workers.
    The successful model of Prinos is the example for the research and development of hydrocarbons in Katakolo, Ioannina and the new areas of the country which the Energean will undertake, for the benefit of the employment of the local communities and the national economy”.
    All the drilling is performed by privately-owned drilling rig of the company, the Energean Force, while in the context of the eur 200 million. euro investment programme has been scheduled and the installation of a new platform oil rig, which will be the first in the area since 1977, and which will be used for the development of the ore body Epsilon.
    It is noted that since 2008, when he began the exploitation of oil facilities in the Gulf of Kavala by the Energean Oil & Gas, the revenue for the Greek State and the local community of Kavala have exceeded 260 million. euro, while they have created more than 140 new direct jobs, says the company in its communication.