The 41 Angels of Anastasia at the Challenge of OPAP Game Time

From Byzantium Megaron team to top of YouTube trends. The dynamic and full of joy Anastasia is hosted at Game Time and stirs the audience with its great successes, explosive character and football comments! The popular singer takes part in Game Time’s challenge and makes 41 clicks on camera while singing Antipa. He answers Lila Koudouriotis’ quick fire questions and makes revelations. What famous singer is he preparing to work with this summer? When did her love for the song win that football? Why is Marina Satti’s “Zari” a “missile”? Who is her favorite Greek footballer and why has she put a sign on Lionel Messi? Watch the episode here: Game Time supports the program “OPAP Sports Academies”, offering additional sports equipment to the 200 academies participating in the program.