Terrorist attack in Moscow: National mourning day today in Russia

Shocked remains Russia from the very dead on last Friday night (22.03.2024) in responsibility for the massacre taking over the Islamic state. Russia is trying to recover and today is a day of national mourning in the country after the massacre in a concert hall in Moscow, the most deadly attack on Russian territory for two decades where 133 people have lost their lives, while many of the wounded remain in critical condition. “The whole country mourns along with those who lost loved ones in this inhuman tragedy,” this morning broadcast the Russian public television network Rossia 24. This featured footage of huge digital panels placed on a wall of the concert hall that was attacked, which shows a candle on a black background and on which it reads: “Crocus City Hall. 22/03/2024. We’re grieving…”. Armed with variant uniforms invaded the Crocus City Hall concert hall Friday night and began shooting indiscriminately against the crowd with automatic weapons and fired flammable material causing a fire to the site, according to research authorities, in an attack that cost life to at least 133 people. Complaining of a “barbarous terrorist” act, Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged yesterday to his television address to punish the guilty. These four “foreign citizens” were arrested in the region of Briansk, which is on the border with Ukraine and Belarus, according to the Russian authorities. This attack, committed in the concert hall located in Krasnogorsk, in the northwestern part of the Russian capital, is the most deadly committed in Russia for about twenty years and the bloodiest, for which the Islamic State (ISISIS) organization takes responsibility, in Europe. This morning’s account of the dead amounted to 133 and injured in 152, according to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Response. Investigations into the wreckage of the building destroyed by flames and partially collapsed its roof continue and will take days, according to the authorities, which causes fears of a heavier account. The Islamic State, which Russia has been fighting in Syria and which has also been active in the Russian Caucasus, has committed other attacks on the country since the late 2010. However, the jihadist organization had never taken responsibility there for an attack of this magnitude. In one of his Telegram accounts, the Islamic State has announced already since Friday night that the attack was committed by four of its members and has introspected it “in the context (…) of the war raging” against the organization and “the countries fighting Islam”. “Video of Islamic State” According to the Site, specialized in counter-terrorism research, a video that appears to have been taken by the perpetrators of the concert hall attack near Moscow was broadcast on social media accounts used by the Islamic State. This one-minute and 31-second video, in which faces and voices have been falsified to not be identified, shows several individuals armed with assault rifles and knives inside a building that appears to be Krasnogorsk’s Crocus City Hall concert hall. The attackers shoot many times, human bodies fall to the ground and in the deep it seems to burst fire. ISIS released a video recorded by the terrorists in the Moscow attack. They could be seen repetitically slitting throats of dead bodies while casting Allahu Akbar How do all these terrorists “misinterpret” Quran in the exact same way; Coincidence? — BALA (@erbmjha) However, neither Vladimir Putin nor the Russian FSB security agency blamed the jihadist organization. “We want to help” FSB announced that suspects had “appropriate contacts on the Ukrainian side” and intended to escape to that country, without giving more details to the public as to the type of contacts or evidence of their existence. “Ukraine has nothing to do with the incident,” said Ukrainian presidency adviser Michaillo Podoliak, rejecting the “irrational”, as he described, accusations. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said yesterday that he hopes that this attack will not become “a pretext” for “escalating violence” in a clear hint of Ukraine. Despite taking responsibility from the Islamic State, there are questions that have not been answered. According to Russian media and Congressman Alexandre Kinstein, some of the suspects come from Tajikistan. The authorities of that country stated that “they have not received confirmation from the Russian authorities” on this issue. All day yesterday, in shock dozens of Russians flocked to blood donation centers in Moscow or improvised monuments that had been set up in memory of the dead of the attack. “When you see this situation you don’t want to stay away, you want to help,” Vladislav, an 18-year-old student, told the AFP, who stood in a row to give blood. On many advertising panels and bus stops in Moscow, there were posters, which included: “We Fall 22/03/2024”. Moscow museums and theatres announced that they would remain closed the weekend due to the attack. And the cinemas closed yesterday and today, with their officials expressing their “sorry” to the families of the victims.