Terim for Panathinaikos – AEK: “We have a specific racing philosophy, to stay close to the top”

Fatih Terim spoke of the derby Panathinaikos – AEK, with the Turkish technician reporting that his team’s racing philosophy will not change. Fatih Terim in his established statements before the derby Panathinaikos – AEK, spoke about the importance of his football players taking the win and staying close to the top of the league, with Turkish technician mentioning at the same time that his competitive philosophy will not change. The coach of the “trifyllion” even stood particularly in Panathinaikos’ recent defeat against PAOK, stressing that every game in the playoffs is special. In detail, Terim’s words about Panathinaikos – AEK Do you think that in the encounter with the AEK, the team should show the same mentality and the same race person that he showed in the OPAP Arena race? “We have a specific philosophy and way of playing. Whether we fight inside or away, the way doesn’t change. We must continue in this direction. For us every race is very important and we must win it. I talked to my players and what I told them is that we need to minimize individual mistakes. Continue to play group and try for the same performance, whether we play inside, or away.” What does defeating PAOK mean for you and how do you expect the game that comes with AEK? “We were unable against PAOK to turn our good game into a score. We played better, we were better, but that didn’t show up on the bright painting. Although we accepted goals, we were senior in the game, we dominated the field. We found several opportunities, but we couldn’t send the ball to the nets. Even when PAOK led 2-1, we had very good chances with Ioannidis and Gentwei, but unfortunately the goals did not come. It was a struggle that evenly had been completed, we would still be sad. But life and football continue, now we have a very important game with AEK. In playoffs all games are very important. For us it is also important to win to be close to the rest of the teams and the first positions.”