Tempy: In black the relatives of victims of the national tragedy at a meeting in Larissa

The train accident met you at noon in Larissa. They prepare their next moves, determined to proceed to lawsuits… In black, with the tight hugs at the entrance stinging the lights of the photographers and causing excitement. Relatives of victims of the national tragedy in Tempes, met once again in Larissa, in an attempt to decide and organize their next moves. They speak of a crime behind the death of their children and seek the exemplary punishment of all those responsible for the murderous collision of the two trains. With them and one of the experts they have and all this time after the accident, he is on an open line with them. The gathering took place in a hall granted by the Region of Thessaly, in the building of Theofrastos. The family expert who arrived at the point was particularly troubled and answered that what relatives will hear will shock them. Next week they are to file nominal lawsuits against persons of the Authorities and services at the site of the accident from the first moment. This is the second similar meeting of the victims’ families, which took place about 30 families and discussed developments around the case.