Tempy: Decision on joint action was taken by relatives of victims of national tragedy

The train accident met you at noon in Larissa. They’re preparing their next moves… A meeting of families of 30 victims and gravely wounded from the accident in Tembi took place at noon in Larissa, in a place granted by the Region of Thessaly to the Theofrasto building. The main subject of the meeting was the accurate briefing of all relatives on the development of the case, since it was important to form a common line in view of the trial expected to begin after the summer. Only family members without their lawyers participated in this meeting. It has been decided to consult and coordinate at legal level, so that all moves are now made in line with a common line, avoiding actions that may pose a problem in the development of the judicial process. According to newssit.gr, one issue that was quite discussed was the need to limit the fake news and any exaggeration or inaccuracy that may call into question the evolution of the investigation altogether. The technical advisors of EDAPO informed the relatives, resolved questions and explained several technical issues, so that there would be no gaps and doubts, while specific and personalised information was made on a case-by-case basis for those families who asked for more information about their own person. Within the next few years, the new website that the families of the victims are preparing these days will be activated in order to gather the information and information about any developments in the case.