Tempi: Police’s charge at OSE’s offices – Hard disks were seized with original sound

At the order of this year’s interrogator Saviour Bakami, police officers raided his offices in Athens and seized hard drives with the original sound records from the evening of the railway tragedy of . Specifically police officers of the Attica Security Directorate, flanked by a prosecutor after an investigation into the offices of the OSE in Athens, proceeded yesterday (02.04.2024) to seize the hard drives with the original sounds of the talks of the imprisoned Stationmaster and the drivers on the evening of 28 February 2023 that the Tempes tragedy occurred according to a report from the Freedom newspaper. Everything shows that the Ephentis Interrogator’s mandate came after the publication of the newspaper “The Step of Sunday” (24 March 2023 “Montaziera in Tempe”) according to which editing was done in the Stationmaster’s talks with an ultimate purpose than the “stitching of the two different talks” to strengthen the argument “about human error”.