Tempe: Free with a guarantee of 1.1m euros, the first 2 to apologize to the European interrogator for 717

Free with the imposition of a high financial guarantee were released after the apologies they gave to the European Interrogator Christina Salappa, the first two of the 23 defendants in the case of 717 for critical projects on the railway network which remained unexecuted for several years and is now being examined on the occasion of the accident in the ERGOSE These are two ERGOSE executives who were found before the judicial officer, first of the total 14 employees of ERGOSE who are attributed heavy charges for the failure to carry out the contract at issue, the works of which included that of signalling – telemanagement on the network, a case opened with the accident in Tempe. The two defendants left free after their apology , but with the imposition of a total financial guarantee of 1.1 million euros and the restrictive condition of the ban on leaving the country. The Interrogator of the case together with the appointed European prosecutor Popi Papandreou judged after the conclusion of the two defendants’ accounts , who for a period of time had overseeing the works of the contract , that a defendant must be guaranteed EUR 600 thousand and the second EUR 500 thousand. The defendants must pay the amount of the guarantee within certain days. The 23 accused’s apology process is expected to last until the end of April. According to the prosecution brought by the European Prosecutors against ERGOSE officials , who open the cycle of apologies: “ERGOSE’s accused employees did not have a sincere intention to implement Convention 717/2014 and implement the object thereof — which was even inextricably linked to train safety, as demonstrated in the most tragic way since the accident in Adendros and the recent very dead accident in Tempes, which would have been assuredly avoided if the object of Convention 717 had been completed with the ETCS system in operation”. When assessing prosecutors investigating the case , the non-performance of the contract is linked to both the accident in Adendros in 2017 and the tragedy of the Tempes in 2023. The defendants are invited to apologize for a series of serious felony acts that per case concern fraud, infidelity, false testimony, with a view to illegally providing benefits, moral insinuation in fraud and false attestations. Before Mrs Salappa 14 employees of ERGOSE will be apologized, the two of whom have apologised today, to whom fraud related to the grants credited for the execution of the project is attributed. Two of them are also burdened with the charge of false assurance in order to obtain unfair benefits to another. -4 Executives of the Hellenic Managing Authority of the Operational Programme for Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development (EFD/EP-YMEPERA) which are entrusted with the lack of funds; -5 Individuals, legal representatives and executives of the Contractor Consortium, who are accused as moral perpetrators in the acts of civil servants, i.e. for moral insurgency in subsidy-related fraud and moral insurgency in false attestation for the purpose of providing unfair benefits to another.