Taking responsibility for burnt school buses at Painter’s

With a text that publishes indymedia but… it’s unsigned, it takes responsibility for the arson attack on five private schools, on Taxilu Street, at . Her left behind burned school buses while damage was caused and in the building located there. As stated among others the text posted – without signing – to indymedia “every school, every university and every educational institution in general should be ash.” In particular, the text states: “Even at operating level the school program was completely disorganized. Firstly, we want to make it clear that we are not in favour of either private or public-state education. The aim of the present education system is to “qualify”, civilization through the consolidation of values and principles of the system of sovereignty and the production of disciplined slaves, faithful subjects. The way of teaching is fully standardized and sterile, cut off from experience, oriented to the welfare of the techno-industrial system. Every sign of initiative and creativity is neutralized by making it difficult to develop and sharpen critical thinking. Another objective of the education system is to build personalities fully in line with regulatory standards and norms implemented through the punishment-rewarding dipole. The school directly introduces you to a predetermined lifestyle soaked in the misery of routine and marked by wage slavery. At the same time, it forces you to comply with a model of power relations based on the hierarchical figures of the professors and directors who are subsequently replaced by the petty bosses, the disgusting politicians, the judges, the cops and every privileged pawn in the system’s chessboard. This is the school and deprived life pattern that promotes man’s alienation. In conclusion, the school contributes to the construction of a dissipated society composed of obedient and easily manipulating citizens, who are compatible with their decadent “life”. These consents and resignations for us constitute the real death. For these reasons, every school, every university and every educational institution in general should be ash. Moreover, we want to see that we do not share the position of some anarchists who are limited to a “race” for “rights” granted by the state to taste social acceptance and the possibility of gaining political influence within university micropolitical circles. The media immediately shaped a climate of terror and police made blind moves that stinked of despair in order to appease social discontent. In particular, he went into an invasion operation in the student dormitories over Ulov Palme by bringing in and eventually arresting persons who simply lived there. Then, while tracking and collecting things perfectly legally presented them as possible incriminating elements and constructed a false image of “armsroom” and “yafkas hoods”. At the same time, in Thessaloniki, the police broke into the AUTH, arresting 49 students in the occupied university area. Thus, “law and order regulators” They are praised while their actions are in fact completely fruitless, still succeeding in disorienting and directing the opinion of society. State and capitalist targets are available everywhere, all that remains is to attack them constantly. Until the total destruction of state, capital, society.