Take a white hair and will appear other seven! True or false?

    Surely you’ve heard that every time you pull a white hair from your head, it will show up a lot more. However, it is true or not?…
    It is not true!!
    It is of course impossible to increase the number of follicles that you have in your head as a result of to pull a hair. Dot and dash!
    The myth probably started from the fact that when hair starts greying, each follicle containing the hair ceases gradually to produce the color of your hair. Instead, when it starts to appear a white hair sac that is located right next to it already has started to produce a still white hair.
    So don’t listen to all that is said about the white hairs. The only thing you can do to keep gray as a whole (from the time you begin to appear the first gray hair) is to dye your hair.