SYRIZA: provocative or WITHDRAWAL OF LD By the Selection

    1872 National Democratic Convention Admission Ticket Politics
    Image by Cornell University Library

    (Title) Provocative, described the withdrawal by the New Republic by the Special Parliamentary Committee on the case of the monastery of Vatopedi, Theodore Dritsas, parliamentary spokesman SYRIZA.

    “The departure of fellow members of the New Republic by its Commission said in a statement Th Dritsas,” a challenge against the requirement of the Greek people to explore all aspects and parameters of the scandal involving the Vatopediou and many others “.

    ” This challenge from New Democracy, which has suggested a systematic cover-up scandals and all of its responsibilities, it could find no excuse, unless accompanied by the analogous behavior of PASOK to also conceal the scandals and responsibilities of PASOK for all “.

    The parliamentary spokesman of SYRIZA added:” It is very feature-and SYRIZA vindicated the current trend-that of the examinees in the case of the Vatopedi monastery scandal missing two of the protagonists of the obvious: the then government officials, Mr Oak and Mr Fotiadis. PASOK . chose to discriminate in terms of responsibility for the scandal Vatopedi. For it is certain that no transaction and the exchange could not be done, if it were not for legalization of the requirements of the monastery on public property. This is the work of PA.SO. T.. This is becoming with this withdrawal.

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