SYRIZA: Domna Michailidou praises the work of the elderly

Attack on the Labour Minister launched for what she said in her television interview. SYRIZA accuses Domna Michailidou of praising the work of the elderly and wonders whether it is the purpose to familiarize society in the sense of retirement after 70. At the same time it adds that… “Minister doesn’t think many pensioners can’t work, even if they want to”. In detail the announcement of Syriza: “The assurance of the Minister of Labour, Mr. D. Michailidou, in the show of G. Autias to Skai, that her 72-year-old mother is in energy and power and that she will want to work if she knows that her pension will be maintained, is not only an anthem in the work of the elderly. It is also a direct reference to the “thriump” of the ND policy, which has forced some job-sponsors, who worked a lifetime to secure their pension, to seek additional income. For Mrs. Michailidou, the well-being of the elderly is a good reason for wanting to work, rather than channel it, for example, to their family and to form a pleasant everyday life with many activities. Her mind does not “go” that they may need additional income because their pensions are small, so that there should be intervention in this field in order to increase pensionable earnings. But how could a government do that that cut the gift to the pensioners? The minister does not think that many pensioners cannot work, even if they want to. It does not consider the serious possibility that a retired person may not be able to find work and even over 70 years of age, no matter how much energy he has. And with 11% unemployment, a percentage that conflicts with government drumming for growth and top economic performance, does not go through the mind of the Labour Minister that there are other employment priorities. Unless it is intended to familiarize society with the concept of retirement after 70. Let us hope not, even though there had been such a debate on the part of government officials.”

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