Switzerland: Helicopter Crash in Mount Pti Coben, 3 Dead

Three people were killed and so many others were injured when it crashed at the top of Mount Pti Coben, in the southwest The helicopter, after reaching the top of this mountain in Switzerland, at a height of 3,668 meters, for unknown reasons still the helicopter slipped on the north slope, as the canton police reported. In addition to the pilot on the helicopter a mountain driver and his four customers were aboard. According to police, the accident occurred on the landing track, while the helicopter occupants were preparing to disembark from it with their skis down the slope. Seven rescue helicopters rushed to the area. The wounded were quickly spotted and transferred to Sion hospital. The other three passengers were found dead. The Swiss Security Research Agency initiated an investigation to identify the causes of the accident. Yesterday Monday, three people including a 15-year-old American were killed by an avalanche in Chermat, in the same canton.

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