Survivor 2024: Wild fights and Ira – Chrysa candidates

Intensity that surpassed all previous arguments and a double vote that highlighted the two new candidates for the remaining duel in . Tensions began early, with Survivor’s Blue arguing with each other before the third immunity race of the week, on the occasion of the vote of Stamatis Taladiano. “There were no debates on the vote piece. I’m a candidate, I didn’t expect it to be the truth, and I’m sure that’s what’s upset me enough. It’s not pleasant, it upsets me to be honest, because I feel like an unwanted person,” Stamatis said. “I think whatever I say, I always find a wall. I don’t expect them to accept what I’m saying, try to change my mind, believe what they say. I don’t know what the next day will be if we could work it out,” Survivor’s player continued. “We heard yesterday in the Council from Stamatis that we were not taking a position. I don’t think I’m a fool, not me, not Thoris, not Saturday. To say what I think, do I have to start yelling? I call it my own way. It saddens me to be photographed as a mindless being,” Daniel Nurka reacted. “Every time I take a stand on the issues of the group, I try to see logically what happens. What Stamatis said about us didn’t like me at all,” Thodoris added. The issue closed there and George Lianos gave the trigger to start the third immunity race. And there came the second episode: Thanis Boletsis and Christopher Taxides almost got caught in the hands. It was after a flag race, when Christofus called Fanny “a fool”. “Have I ever insulted you? Idiot, you’ll never call me again! Whatever has happened you have no right to call me an idiot,” said Fanny Bolettis, with his Red player answering: “After you’re an idiot. You’re a fool” and the rest of them trying to calm the spirits down. “He was grumbling about the point and I say to him, ‘kiss.’ And he says, “Listen to me, you idiot.” I won’t fall into his trap, I didn’t even challenge him, I didn’t tell him anything. I was calm. After all, I have nothing to prove to Survivor, neither intellectual nor racing,” said Fanny Bolettis to his teammates. Immediately after the end of the immunity struggle, won by the Blues, the issue was re-discussed by the two teams. George Lianos asked the players involved to explain exactly what has happened between them. “This is not the first time this man has created tensions. We’ve all come here with intensity but you’re not supposed to describe people like that. Nobody would like it,” noted Fanny Bolettis. “For me it is offensive for a man to send me kisses. I think I was too kind to just call him an idiot. Let Fanny think about what he’s said about others. I have nothing to apologize for,” Christopher said on his part. The third, big, fight came to the board starring Assina Hatzianderou and James Kafetzis (mainly) but also Fanny Bolettis. And she came to fly her microphone furious and leave the Council. He even refused to vote, which has never happened in Survivor’s chronicles. After their defeat, the Reds issued a third Ira Antomite candidate and this immediately meant that the duel would be a women’s case (since Joanna Javella is the first candidate). And therefore, the Blues had to vote for a woman and burn Stamatis Taladian’s nomination. The second Blue ballot was nominated by Chrysa, who will fight for her stay in Survivor for the 5th time. It remains to be seen in tomorrow’s (03.04.2024) episode what will be the fourth and last gladiator for staying at Survivor. Survivor: Sunday to Thursday at 21:00 on Sky.

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