Survivor 2024: Stamatis Taladian second candidate – They were frozen by Lianos with Karagunia

April and George Lianos didn’t forget the tradition to… upset his players. And before the Blues voted to get Stamatis Taladian second candidate, he did it again! Shortly after Survivor’s two teams entered the Council area, George Lianos wanted to make them… “an announcement” that two new players, two men, enter the game, one in each team. Completely serious and believable, Survivor’s presenter said that because there were several departures from the game either because of health or because of personal issues, the decision was made by production to add two players from the past who have stolen the impressions, one to strengthen the Blue team and one Red. The guesses began and George Lianos “disclosed” that Takis Karagunias and Marios Priamos Ioannidis are the ones returning to Agios Dominikos. He… invited them to the venue and while everyone was waiting to show up, Lianos revealed his primary joke. Players were finally relieved and burst into laughter. In Survivor’s racing, now, the second immunity race was characterized by the return of Assina Hatzianderos to the battle track. The Red player decided to fight, despite the doctor’s opposite view. However, her return was not combined with individual victories, but her team won, with a score of 12–10. And while the Reds continue to fight with George Gyuleka over his good relations with James Kafetzis, Stamatis Taladian is “red cloth” for his own team. The Reds thought the Blues voted for Stamatis as a candidate because he is undesirable to their team. “I didn’t fight anyone, I didn’t do anything to anyone. My opinion probably didn’t like it. And I apologized if it’s something that bothers you, but that’s my opinion… The reason I am often not well psychologically, is also some things that happen and I find a wall but I move on,” Stamatis told Survivor commenting on his nomination. With Joanna Javella first candidate from the Reds and Stamatis Taladianos from the Blues, the gender of the remaining duel at Survivor will be judged after tomorrow’s (02.04.2024) third immunity race. Survivor: Sunday to Thursday at 21:00 on Sky.