Survivor 2024: First candidate Joanna Javella, a mess in the Council

Hostage fights and a “bomb” nomination for many. In his new episode the first immunity of the week was “painted” blue and Joanna Javella seems to have decided to play strategically. He had preceded the first immunity match, with Survivor’s Blue defeating the Reds 12–7 and Stamatis Taladian becoming furious with his teammates because they did not choose him in the flag race. This was the one of the hostage fighting that broke out at the Council of the island, with the two teams exchanging spikes. Not only with their opponents but also with each other! Meanwhile, George Lianos had also made an announcement that made everyone happy: in two weeks the Union party will take place. The first fight that broke out was the one between… all the Reds and (mainly) George Güleka, who (mainly) Alexis Pappas, Katerina Dalaka and Assina Hatziandreou accused him of transferring information to the Blues when during the games he sits away from his team with James Kafetzis. Gülekas on his part, brought back the issue that the Kafetzis had first raised a few days ago, that when he lost the last match in the match for the communication prize, his teammates did not comfort him. And that’s where a fight started, in which, of course, James Caffets was involved. And when one fight was over, the other started. On the blue side this time. Stamatis Taladianos, who brought the issue back with his non-choice to the flag race and was outraged when Chrysa Hatzigeorgiou started laughing. “Are you a 20-year-old girl in these ways?” Stamatis shouted at his teammate to get out of his position and move a few meters further. “20 years old, yes and I understand more than you realize! Imagine,” replied Chrysa, with Taladian talking about “these ways, in irony? Shame, shame! Such irony! You’re sitting next to me laughing and being ironic all the time. Your laughter and reaction are ironic, really. I am 33 and I am really glad to be 33 and as I am.” Chrysa continued laughing and after wishing “Happy Birthday” to her teammate, the fight that broke out without… cause, ended. And finally the Red vote began. With the votes at a point of 4-4 everyone thought there might be a tie. But eventually the votes in favour of Joanna Javella’s nomination were more and she is the first candidate. Something that shocked the Blues and Guleka, but not everyone else. Because it seems that she had asked her teammates to vote for her. “What?” was heard on the Blue side when George Lianos announced the result. “We are in a strategic Survivor and this move could be strategic. I leave this here and I won’t say anything else” Joanna Javella herself on her side. It remains to be seen now though this week the duel for staying in Survivor will be a women’s case or not. Survivor: Sunday to Thursday at 21:00 on Sky.