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(Title) The “door of exit shows 53.9% of respondents to the former prime minister, Kostas Karamanlis, according to a poll by MRB. 51.7% of the voters of New Democracy would be more activity, while all the voters want less active for 38%. 95.7% felt that both former Prime Minister Costas Simitis and Karamanlis will be available to selection boards. 83.5% say ‘no’ to Dora Bakoyannis.

According to 48.4% of respondents to all voters, Costas Karamanlis will be deposited in the committee of inquiry rather an interview, an institution of the New Republic or the Party Congress in late June.
be more business wants 42.9% of Neodimokraton to move like today says 24.5%, with 25, 7% of requests to withdraw from politics. Importantly 55.7% of unspecified voting wants the retired former prime minister.
In addition, 83.5% of respondents, according to the poll, could not vote for a party that would create Dora Bakoyannis the next election.
The conviction that Dora Bakoyannis will proceed, meanwhile, create a new party to express all their citizens at a rate of 65,8%.
From the New Republic and the LAOS originates most voters, with 23.9% of Neodimokraton to say they will follow. However, overall there is a perception that the creation of the new party will hurt the New Republic, accounting for 67,2%.

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