Super Kiki: It is dripping “pharmaceutical” for George Liaga and “meli” for Tatiana Stefanidou

Invited to the show “” was found. The well-known influencer spoke to Nancy Zabetoglou and Thanasis Reader with her close friend and partner, Andrea Boboc, to meet them in prison, but also the business idea they have been developing together lately. Speaking of George Liaga and the way he handled one of the most recent incidents, the incident with Adnreea’s companion and the fight that led the two women to the prison, Super Kiki said in “Studio 4”: “He charged us, said we had a man beat him up. They take us all together to the detention facility, I was still not nervous until Liagas gets it…” Super Kiki said about the issue that came out. “I’m really, really fair, you may be racist, humiliate you in the video on the instagram, but if you’re in danger, someone does something you’re wronged, I’ll support you.” How the ANT1 host presented the subject, Super Kiki said: “There’s always been a fight with the influencers, it didn’t bother me much, I didn’t care, but in what was so heavy and our lives hung, he took it on him and I don’t know if he did it deliberately, he took my friend’s companion and his lawyer into the air, presented him as a musician, presented him as an artist,” she said about her friend’s companion. “Only Tatiana Stefanidou supported us from the channels,” noted Super Kiki. “We have so far a wonderful journey with Andreea, I tell her that even the setbacks we have suffered have settled us. Otherwise we wouldn’t enjoy it, we wouldn’t appreciate it. My life gave it all away once and I did not appreciate it,” Super Kiki said. “Before my interview with Gregory Arnautoglu, I had to go out and tell my story, because I had a huge fight with Xena Kucelin and I knew that, because my contract was over, there was no way they would take me back to work on television. So I called Gregory, I say to him “I have a great history of prisons, drugs, etc.” and he tells me: yes, of course, come,” confesses immediately after the well-known YouTuber. “Andreea and I met when I was in juvenile prison and underneath were incarcerated with minors. He didn’t speak Greek, we joined the rehab program at the same time and they put us in the same cell. Slowly with pantomime, she was already pregnant. He taught me how to wash my clothes in hand, to cook,” Super Kiki describes. “From Arnautoglu and then I started making too much money from Instagram, within a year I touched the million. I wanted to take out the poor guy’s complexes, I wanted to eat them with my friends, give 50 bucks tip to the waiters… until I got tired of doing commercials,” he then reveals the interview. “I felt guilty, so I made half of the money. I just wanted to live comfortably with friends around me. I had 200,000 euros left in a box and went to Andreea to suggest the business idea I had,” Super Kiki told.