Suicide in Heraklion: “He was a cancer patient and couldn’t find any medicine for chemotherapy,” says his cousin himself

Or cause you emotion and intense reflection. Relatives of the suicide describe the last days of the 72-year-old and explain how he got to the suicide… Herakleion was resurrected from the suicide and complaints of close relatives of his own hand. As the 72-year-old says, he was led to death, since for months he could not begin chemo. As a result, as his cousin reports, it was lung cancer to expand and the unfortunate patient suffer from unbearable pains. “He decided to put an end to his life to escape,” he concludes and explains that his cancerous relative left a note through which he was apologizing and understanding about the decision he made. Shock in the local community of Heraklion has caused the death of the cancer patient who ended his life on Sunday, March 10, not putting up with pain as his friends and relatives say, waiting for medicine to do his chemotherapy. The issue had emerged a few days ago in Radio Crete and a great effort had been made to find the medicine the 72-year-old had to take for lung cancer as it did not exist in Greece. Unfortunately the unfortunate 72-year-old who the Heracles knew him as he was a book salesman in folk, he could not bear to suffer from the pains and with a noose around his neck ended his life leaving a shocking note to his family with which he was saying goodbye to them and explaining the reasons that led him to suicide. He talked to Radio Crete, his cousin, who had highlighted the issue to find the medicine and come from abroad. “We last spoke on Sunday and it was basically like he was saying goodbye to us as he did to everyone thanking them for everything. We ran us and his children but unfortunately we didn’t catch him,” he said. Tragic irony that after the problem emerged, the medicine came and even the first chemotherapy was to be done today Tuesday. His cousin himself also mentioned in that in the note he left he was saying goodbye to children, grandchildren and other relatives, writing among others that he could not bear the pains and that he could not sleep. At the same time he pointed out the great inconvenience he had suffered as he could not even do the examination with the special radiological device PET SCAN that exists in PAGNI to determine whether the cancer had spread.