Subsidies: As of June the “Carta of the Farmer” will run

After June he is expected to “run” his “card” according to secure information from by its competent officials. It is noted that the “farmer card” is a financial tool through which farmers, who are entitled to Community subsidies, can advance the funds they are entitled to from the bank with which they cooperate. However, in order to credit the relevant amounts from the banks to the accounts of farmers, they should have “locked” the envelope, which they are entitled to according to the acres and the products each cultivates, the same sources note. In order to “lock” the relevant fund, the declaration of each farmer on the IACC platform (Complete Management and Control System) should be preceded. The OSA opened yesterday (02.04.24) and is expected, according to the same sources, to be around the end of the coming May. Immediately afterwards they will “run” and in particular, in June – July, the procedures for triggering the “farmer card” after the relevant agreements with banks have been preceded.