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Studying Abroad in Malaysia and Greece

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Studying Abroad in Malaysia and Greece

Studying Abroad in Malaysia and Greece

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Home Page > Business > Studying Abroad in Malaysia and Greece

Studying Abroad in Malaysia and Greece

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Posted: Nov 09, 2010 |Comments: 0




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Studying Abroad in Malaysia and Greece

By: Wayne Hemrick

About the Author

In this article Wayne Hemrick writes about study in malaysia and universities in greece

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Article Source: Abroad in Malaysia and Greece

When it comes to studying abroad, there is literally a world of choices at your fingertips. People may base their decision on a variety of things, including their areas of interest and choice of degree. Universities in Greece, as well as the opportunity to study in Malaysia, are both great choices for areas to study. This is particularly true if you are interested in literature, philosophy, and art.

Study abroad programs in Greece, for example, give you an opportunity to experience the birthplace of Western Civilization first hand. Studying in Greece allows you to see where the Olympics, democracy, Western literature, political science, and mathematical principles all originated. These study abroad programs allow you to truly appreciate how much ancient Greece played a roll in shaping the world as we know it today.

Because they were the birthplace of both areas, universities in Greece can also give students a new appreciation for literature and philosophy.

Studying abroad in Greece allows you see where the Iliad and the Odyssey were written. It also gives you the chance to experience the beginning of poetry, odes, drama, and comedy and tragedies. For literature majors, study abroad programs in Greece offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to see where some of the best examples of the written word were created.  

Universities in Greece also offer students a chance to study philosophy in its natural habitat. You can experience where people like Socrates and Plato orated and led a new way of thinking.

Universities in Greece are, of course, not just limited to philosophy and literature: Greece is also a great place to study architecture and mythology.

Students looking to study art and music should consider study abroad programs in Malaysia. Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia shares much of its art with Indonesia, but also has strong influences from India, Thailand, and China. If you choose to study in Malaysia, you will be introduced to a new culture, allowing you to appreciate other parts of the world.

You may also choose to study in Malaysia if you are studying music. Malaysian music is very drum-oriented, and includes a variety of percussion instruments. Flutes, trumpets, and oboe-like instruments are also used.

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No matter where you choose to study, studying abroad offers students a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience new places, new people, and new ways of looking at their areas of interest.   

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(ArticlesBase SC #3632259)

Wayne Hemrick
About the Author:

In this article Wayne Hemrick writes about study in malaysia and

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