Stop for the moment the Russian raids in Syria from Iran!

    Iran announced today that it is stopped for the time being the raids of Russia in Syria from the air…
    of the bases, while yesterday, the iranian Defense minister criticized the us ally.
    The minister of Defence Χοσεΐν Ντεγάν criticized in a television interview broadcast yesterday to Moscow for the announcement publicly of the use of the powers of a base in Iran for carrying out strikes in Syria, where it supports the syrian government forces in their war against the rebels and the jihadists.
    “Of course the Russians want to show that they are a superpower and a country with influence (…)”, however in the back of the announcement of the raids that were carried out from the territory of Iran, lies a desire “to be viewed, without taking account of” Iran, he noted.
    The raids that happened last week within the framework of a “specific and approved shipping and this is over now. They (the Russians) have carried out the raids and gone”, stated while today the representative of the ministry of Foreign affairs Μπαχράμ Γασεμί speaking to reporters in Tehran.
    However, he left open the possibility of realizing new similar Russian missions, stressing that this will depend on “the situation in the region” and will need “our approval”.
    Iran and Russia are the main allies of the forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in the civil war that has plagued the country for more than 5 years.
    Tehran maintains confidentiality with regard to the size of the military aid offered to the syrian regime, while Moscow, which has in Syria, an air force base, regularly carrying out air raids and occasionally some involving soldiers on the ground.
    Last week, the Russian Defense ministry announced that bombers of Su-34 conducted air raids against targets of the islamic state in Syria, απογειωνόμενα for the first time from the airport of Χαμεντάν, in north-west Iran.
    This was the first time that Russia uses the territory of a third country to proceed to blows in Syria since the start of the military campaign in September 2015.
    Russian Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russian fighter planes “participated in a counter-terrorism operation in Syria at the request of the legitimate syrian authorities and with the consent of Iran”.
    This issue is considered particularly sensitive for Iran, the Constitution of which prohibits foreign troops to camp on its territory.
    “We have worked and will continue to work with Syria and Russia,” noted the iranian minister of Defence.