Stelios Koutnatzis: Who is the Prime Minister’s new Secretary General?

The lecturer in Public Law at the Law School of the University of Thrace, takes office as Secretary General of the Prime Minister, in the position of Stavros Papastavros, who resigned as Minister of State last week. Stelios Koutnatzis takes over the responsibilities of the GG Prime Minister, i.e. the position at the General Secretary level comes back from a deputy minister and acquires more technocratic characteristics, as Cypriot representative Paul Marinakis stressed during today’s briefing of political editors today, Monday (01.04.24). Stylianos-John G. Koutnatzis after his degree in Law of the University of Athens (with the rank “excellently”) and the title LL.M. from Harvard University, prepared at the Faculty of Law of the Free University of Berlin his doctoral thesis, for which he was awarded the distinction “summa cum laude” and the Ernst-Reuter Award. He has been a scholar of the German Academic Exchange Service, the Onassis Foundation, the Fulbright Program, as well as Landon Gammon Fellow of Harvard University Law School, where he has worked as a Scientific Associate. He is a lecturer in Public Law at the Law School of the University of Thrace and has also taught at the University of Athens and Panteion University. He is also a lawyer, co-founder of MK legal law firms, as well as a member of the Editorial Committee and responsible Scientific Secretariat of the legal journal “The Constitution”. From 2012 to 2015 he served as a legal adviser to the Deputy Minister of Finance. His publications, in Greek, English and German, refer in particular to matters of constitutional law and constitutional theory.