Stefanos Kasselakis: To find out who gave the personal data of the immigrants to the South West and where else they have leaked

The President of the Data Protection Authority, Konstantinos Menoudakos, met with his head, . At the heart of the meeting was the leak of personal data of voters abroad to the ND party and the case of interceptions. “To conduct a thorough investigation in the Ministry of Interior. It is a question of democracy and, as always, we are in favour of institutional armor,” said, among other things, the president of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis after his meeting with the Head of the Data Protection Authority, Konstantinos Menoudakos. In statements after the meeting, Stefanos Kasselakis, after thanking the President of the Authority for the “excellent meeting”, stressed: “We asked for information on two important issues. The first concerns illegal malware, Predator. The 93 targets that they handed over to the D.A. and we still expect, after many months, some response, if they coincide with the interceptions from the NSA and the Maximus Mansion.” On the second issue, the president of SYRIZA added: “We discussed the leak of confidential personal data for foreign voters. From what we understand, there is a research done in detail. We asked for plenty of light. To expand the investigation into possible other leaks from the same centres within the Ministry of Interior, because we now have the confession by the government representative and by Ms Asimakopoulou, that these data were available for party purposes after the government for 7 months, until January 2024. So we need to know this data of the voters abroad, who leaked it and where else it has been leaked. To conduct a thorough investigation into the interior ministry. It is a question of democracy and, as always, we are in favour of institutional armor.” Stefanos Kasselakis was accompanied by the President of SYRIZA KO, Socrates Famelos and the Director of his Political Office, Manolis Kapnisakis.

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