Stefanos Kasselakis: The surprise cake for his birthday had candles with the wrong number – “plus one children”

The wrong number was blue candles on the surprise cake for the president of Syriza, who today, Friday (29.03. 24) has his age and turns 36. This year coincided with his inauguration, after the end of which the president of SYRIZA lunches at a fish tavern in Thebes along with other recruits, shortly before leaving for Athens. Upon entering the shop in Thebes he was expected a surprise for his birthday, which had blue candles on it with the number 35. ” Plus a child” said himself before blowing them, thus revealing how he turned 36. In fact, he’s going to celebrate, having fun at a well-known shop at Psyri’s. Mr. Kasselakis will have a five-day inauguration permit and then return to the camp to get the diploma.