Stefanos Kasselakis: Send Karamanlis to Justice

The president of SYRIZA, with his post in social media, addresses him and asks him whether “he will support the proposal to refer Costas Karamanlis to Justice”. Specifically Stefanos Kasselakis in his post says: “The informed citizen is the power of our Republic. I invite you to read the indictment written by Syriza for Kostas Ah. Karamanlis. Maximus is basically not responding. So I ask the Prime Minister very specifically: Will you support the proposal with the votes of your Members or will you lead Costas Karamanlis to amnesty? Will you break the equation “Michotakis = Karamanlis” or identify your two fireplaces forever, around the Temple Crime? If you have nothing to hide, please not the request of Syriza but of an entire people: Send Costas Karamanlis to Justice.”

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