Stefanos Kasselakis live: It is not for granted that elections are inconclusive

Its president, was at noon on Sunday (31/3/24) on the show of Natalia German, Alpha and spoke about everyone and everything. Starting the show Stefanos Kasselakis expressed his complaint that many people are involved in his Lifestyle… Speaking of the election process coming and the discussions that his proposal for supervision has caused, he said: “There must be a lot of control in the election right now”. “We know that elements of voters abroad have been leaked. How do we know evidence and internal election officers have leaked? It is not given the indisputable.” On cooperation with PASOK he said: “I dare go to double elections. Syriza will be renewed. Even the soldiers in the camp have created a movement in society. That’s why they’re trying to disintegrate me.” “We have to get back to work. SYRIZA has changed, society has changed.” “I am ready to be Greece’s next prime minister”. About his military service he said: “I came to our country because I became leader of the main opposition. I’m proud. I proudly wore the coat of arms. Let them respect the outcasts”… See Live:

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