Stefanos Kasselakis: Justice is judged every day, I will not question the result of European elections

An interview with SKAI is given by its president on Tuesday night (2.4.24). In his interview with SKAI’s main newscast and Sia Kosonis Stefanos Kasselakis spoke extensively about Syriza’s proposal to set up a pre-interrogation committee for former Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Kostas Ah. Karamanlis regarding the train tragedy in Tembis. As he said, among other things, if SYRIZA is elected to the government he will proceed with a change of the law on the responsibility of ministers. “Justice is judged every day,” said SYRIZA president. “Does Kyriakos Mitsotakis have not leaked elements of Greek voters abroad?” said Mr Kasselakis on the issue with the e-mails of the Member of the ND, Anna Michel Asimakopoulou to Greek voters abroad and his statements on European elections with the presence of international observers. “I have no intention of denying the result of the European elections and I think we will be doing very well,” said the president of SYRIZA, expressing his optimism that the proportion of the main opposition party will be greater than it had received in the June 2023 national elections. At the same time, he made it known that he would present his assets in detail before the European elections, even inviting the Prime Minister to make public his and his family’s own.