Stefanos Kasselakis: Birthday at Psyrri – The abs and the “get a life” in a journalist

A well-known bar he chose you to celebrate his birthday with friends and associates. Stefanos Kasselakis arrived at the bar at Psyrri along with Tyler and their dog Farley, after having dineed in a restaurant in the area earlier. As soon as he arrived at the bar he received questions from journalists about the European elections, the ballot and his military experience. Stefanos Kasselakis refused to answer anything, while to a journalist he replied “get a life”. He chatted well with the regulars at the store and then greeted friends and associates, where they ordered their drinks. One of the gifts he accepted was a tie with a Greek flag, such as King Charles’. Making humor at some point he said “I will make abs and rage even more Mitsotakis”. Also someone had brought to buy doughnuts, which Stefanos Kasselakis enjoyed. Reportage: Anna Rose – Tsoutsa

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