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STATE DEPARTMENT: Increased the terrorist attacks in 2009 …

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(Title) Reduction presented the 2009 terrorist attacks worldwide, according to the annual State Department report on terrorism released today.
in 2009 were 10 999 attacks, which have been designated terrorist. Of those killed 14 971 people in 2006 had been 14,443 attacks death toll reaches to 22.736.
The al Qaeda has recorded significant failures “but the threat of the organization of Osama bin Laden” more pervasive, “warns the U.S. State Department on the findings of the report on terrorism, noting that” the activities of the organization is disturbed by the Pakistani army operations in tribal areas in the northwest of the country and the fact that several leaders have been eliminated “.

” The al-Qaida has proven to be an adaptable and resilient terrorist group whose desire is to attack the U.S., “the report said.

Increase experienced terrorist attacks in Afghanistan in 2009. There were 2126 attacks, while in 2008 were 1222. Increases the number of deaths in 2009 from about 5430 to 2008 was the last year came to 7.584.

Iran, Sudan, Syria and Cuba remain on the blacklist Member supporting terrorism and has managed to stay outside North Korea, according to the annual report.
“Iran provided support to extremists in the region, having a direct impact on international efforts made to promote peace also threatened the financial stability of the Gulf, has jeopardized the fragile peace in southern Lebanon and undermined the development of democracy, even pointed out in the report.
With regard to Greece, the report by the State Department speaks of “significant increased domestic terrorism following the large-scale demonstrations in December 2008, listing 430 “security incidents” which include “arson and bombings, and attacks using small arms and grenades”.

line, always in the report: “Greece is increasing in the EU point of entry for illegal immigrants from the Middle East and South Asia, and there was concern that can be used as a transit point for terrorists traveling Europe and the USA. The number of illegal immigrants entering Greece, particularly over the Aegean, has increased dramatically in 2008 and 2009. More than 100 000 illegal immigrants arrested each year. Half of them come from North Africa, Middle East and South Asia “.
Finally, it is noted that the Greek authorities were involved in the Initiative for Safety of Containers” and cooperated with U.S. officials to exchange information and to education of Greek officers in the areas of security and border control as members of the judiciary. Greece has continued its participation in international force in Afghanistan, providing engineers and other support forces.

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