Staikoras: We are taking advantage of the two new Trans-European Rail Values

The launching of the Trans-European Rail Values and the connection of the railway to the country’s ports, the Minister of Infrastructure announced and , coming to the work of the Informal Council of Transport Ministers of the European Union, held at Egmont Palace, Brussels. As Mr Christos Staikouras said: “The subject of the discussions is the promotion of green transport, the resilience of transport infrastructure, the strengthening of rail transport and the implementation of the Trans-European Transport Network. In Greece, the Government works methodically and responsibly. We have supplied and will release the first 250 electric buses, directly strengthened the “Move Electric 2″ programme, electrification, use the Recovery and Durability Fund (TAA) to strengthen – even more – charging stations, promote sustainable urban mobility and launch, in collaboration with other countries, the use of the two new Trans-European Rail Values and connect the railway to the ports of the country. The country grows, evolves, strengthens.”