St.E. rejected Zoe Constantopoulou’s application for the results of the July 2019 parliamentary elections

Section IV of the Council of State ( ) considered that it was inappropriate to address the application of the “Freedom Release” party regarding the results of the parliamentary elections of July 7, 2019 and only the Election Court is responsible. Thus, the ET rejected this request. As is known in the 2019 election, the party of Zoe Konstantopoulou had received 2,768 votes on all valid ballots (a percentage of 1,465%), thus remaining outside Parliament. In particular, the “Freedom of Freedom” and Mrs. Constantopoulou appealed to the S.E. for the annulment of the act of the Chief of the Athens Court of First Instance, by which they rejected their application to continue the recount of all ballots (including blanks and whites) of all combinations of the Athens Court of First Instance. In the application, he invoked the need to cross-reference and confirm the electoral result, as there is a special legal reason, but also has a legitimate interest in re-counting, which is reflected in the right to receive the electoral grant, if it exceeds the percentage of votes by 1.5%. As he claimed before the Athens Court of First Instance, according to the unofficial results, the percentage of 1.5% is only 2,068 votes below the national level. Members were then declared on the basis of election results and the final distribution table of the party seats. Mrs Konstantopoulou then with a new application asked the Athens Court of First Instance to continue counting and asked for copies of the telegrams of judicial representatives concerning election results. The Court of First Instance rejected the request, noting that an objection should be lodged with the Court of Justice, but that it did not. After that, Mrs Konstantopoulou appealed to the Institute for the annulment of the act of the Head of the Athens Court of First Instance on its application. Section IV of the CDU, by its No. 443/2024 decision, rejected its request, stressing that if the election result is not contested before the Electoral Court, the CFI cannot be directly controlled or by any of the defendants and added that it lacks jurisdiction to deal with it and rejected the application for cancellation.

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