Spyros Sarafianos: I was drinking water from the bathroom, with the handfuls, because we were locked in the kitchen

‘ With my father’s wife, it was very difficult to co-exist” he confesses. For everything he can remember from his childhood going through the stepmother and the mother of his stepmother Spyros Sarafianos spoke from the heart when he was found a guest of Jenny Theona, on Sunday afternoon, on ERT’s “Mamas”. “My father’s wife started another chapter and it was very difficult to coexist with her. My father’s wife’s mother was the difficult problem, she never liked me. Because we were “the children of my daughter’s husband” and Grandma never wanted us. So my room had a glass semi-transparent at the door and he kept watching what I was doing in the room. After doing several sets, i.e. even the security I called home because Grandma was hiding her daughter’s jewelry and accusing us of stealing it from her” the well-known actor initially said. “One day I sleep in the room, nine o’clock in the morning and wake up from a strong slap. I eat a strong slap in my sleep, wake up scared and watch Grandma walk off me, go to her room, lie down, put her hands on her chest and die. That’s how Grandma died, that’s from a movie. And he died obviously happy because he had slapped me.” “My father’s wife liked Mereda, I didn’t know what she was and I had never eaten. One day I open the fridge and I see this weird jar, I eat a spoonful and I like it. I eat a second, I eat these two spoons and I leave it. Coming home, she goes to eat and sees that two tablespoons are missing! She’s getting mad! From that day inside the house he locked the kitchen and I, to drink water, had only the bathroom and drank water from there with my handfuls” added Spiros Sarafianos.