So you will burn the…irregularities that make the food

But and many more of your favorite (junk) food…
Or because Christmas, either because period, either because yolo , there are a few days and you want and you could do some serious binge, eat everything, or anyway a LOT of things. And the worst part? With enough fat.
It’s all good and all nice, but the bad news is that the comfort food and the treats, the fluffy biscuits and the μπαμπάτσικες pasta, all the razor-sharp pleasure and to give comes at a price. Blank (usually) of calories and a lot of bad fat that may be incurred by your organization. You see, even a small amount of them has insanely a lot of calories.
I’m not taking myself out of the dance (on the contrary, I’m the one who drags him), after the abstinence of me in front of something very delicious is ιδιά with that of a toddler. No.
Anyway, if you enjoyed it, good for you. But before you start thinking “well, that’s it, it’s all over, you won’t ξαναχωρέσω in any jeans, or tights won’t rise, we found some saving useful information that show how much exercise is required after your favorite junk food to burn the calories that you ate.
1. Potato chips (15 chips)
So sufficient (and even than classic flavor) to get 160 calories.
How will the burn: Doing jump rope for 12 minutes (of course the time is doubled depending on the number of πατατακίων).
2. Pizza (1 piece)
Hi, it’s me again, to tell you that 1 piece of pizza special, corresponding to about 350 calories. Come on, don’t do so. Together we ate, together we will burn it.
How: With a 30-minute bike (not with the intensity that you would if you were going for a ride in the park. More intensely and with a big, hard speed).
3. Cupcake or chocolate cake
Definitely depends on your taste and the ingredients, but you estimated about 240 calories. If you choose to indulge in a simple chocolate cake, to know that it has 290 calories a piece.
How will burn: one hour of running. Come on, you can.
4. French fries (10)
They’re devoured in seconds, and before you know it you’ve eaten 100 not 10.
How will the burn: The good: With 90 minutes of standing. The bad: it’s Not as simple as it sounds.
5. A chocolate drink with extra syrup
Pleasurable? Yes. With around 380 calories in one cup? Sure.
You’ll burn it off: 40 minutes swimming (you know what a refreshing re-who is swimming in the pool, in the winter?)
5. Milk chocolate (one bar)
Approximately 210 calories 28 notes, milk chocolate (#ηζωηειναισκληρή).
How will burn: do you Need an appetite (not for food this time) about 53 minutes of jogging.
6. Doughnut (plain icing)
Soft, fluffy, just the thing to sink your teeth, and with almost 170 calories one.
How will burn: With 26 minutes of walking, during which, ideally, it is good to push something heavy, such as.x. shopping cart or lawn mower.
7. 1 can of soda
We know how much I need you sometimes (you know it’s not real). As they flow in your body but apart from the pleasure it gives you 160 calories.
You’ll burn it off: 45 minutes of leisurely walking. A piece of cake.
8. 1 burger (relatively simple)
The standard calories for the plain, simple, innocent μπεργκεράκι is 400, and any material or dressing is rising rapidly.
You’ll burn it off: to say good-bye, do you want to swim for 33 minutes, or a slow gait for 133 minutes, maybe a friend to keep you company .
9. Souvlaki pita
We don’t know if you’re chicken or pork, but count of approximately 330 and 360, respectively, the calories for each.
How will burn: one hour of aerobic exercise (may and dancing!).
10. Pies of puff pastry
Cheese pie, ζαμπονοτυρόπιτα, bougatsa cream, spinach pie, calzones, and so much more
that is great for breakfast accompanied by coffee, I have fewer than 400 calories.
How will burn: With a slow gait for about an hour (and something) it’ll be like nothing you have ever.
Our good mood (okay, bad joke)